I am committed to the Pilates Method as a way of alleviating pain, improving posture and muscle tone, preventing injury, 

I believe that my role as a teacher is not only to teach exercise routines and show how to deliver them correctly. It's far more than that. It's a way of increasing our understanding of our own body – how it moves,  it's strengths and weaknesses, how it all connects together in a holistic way – so that we can apply everything we've learned into our everyday life. My aim is to teach how to make our bodies work for us, not against us.


Level 3 Pilates Matwork Certification
Intermediate level Pilates Matwork
Pre-and postnatal Pilates
Non-specific low back pain (Back4Good)


About Deb Thompson

One day, I was balancing a heavy box on my head (why do we do these things to ourselves?) The next day I experienced acute pain in my lower back, which wouldn't go away. The pain was only relieved when I (finally) went to an osteopath, who clicked my spine in that scary way they have. She told me that I would be a frequent visitor unless I strengthened my core muscles and learned how to hold myself properly. Had I heard of Pilates? I hadn't, but was soon attending a studio once a week. I haven't looked back since (no pun intended).

I am a level 3 Pilates instructor training with Body Control Pilates – Europe’s largest professional Pilates organisation. I'm qualified to teach mat Pilates from beginners to intermediate level. I'm also qualified to teach both pre- and postnatal Pilates. I am a member of REPS (The Register of Exercise Professionals) and hold all relevant insurance cover as well as being CPR certified.

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